SMITE_Mars Attacks Ah Puch

I made the Mars Attacks Skin for Ah Ouch. Unfortunately, it was a little too " Mars Attacks" from a legal standpoint, and therefore, we had to make a new head for him that become a generic grey alien. Nevertheless, it was one of my favorite skins I made

Weston reid ahpuch skin3 hp wip01

Original Highpoly Polypainted

Weston reid marsattacks ahpuch

Another Face we tried to use. Unfortunately it didn't make it in either

Weston reid marsattacks ahpuch ineditor

Mars Attacks Ah Puch Lowpoly In Editor

Weston reid ahpuch dads

A bunch of scared 50s Dad minions I made for Ah Puch

New Skin for Ah Puch - Galactic Invader